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    Technology does not make the world better, people do.
    Our tools are designed to help great people do great things.

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    All our projects share the same philosophy.
    Only a meaningful idea can turn into an extraordinary tool.

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    We partner with companies all around the world
    to find global solutions to global necessities.

About Deddian

We design great tools for great people. People who are constantly looking for new doors to open. People who know that life is more. People who want that more.

We’re Creative

Every problem has more than one solution. When none of them is good enogh, we are prepared to create a better one.

We have magic

Technology is the magic of our time, and we master it. With it we can shape any idea, making real changes that last.

Why we do it

Because we can. Creating tools for extraordinary people It is our way of contribuing to make the world, a place worth living in.

Latest Work

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Work Process


Our Departaments

Branding Design

Great products need to look great. Our policy, awesome in the inside, beautiful in the outside.

Web Design

Simplicity is the top rule of our web designers. Easy to use means a time saving and more enjoyable experience.

App Development

We develop our products to be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. The best solution, amazing apps.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers have the same mission that every artist have, make things look awesome. And they nailed it.


An image is worth a thousand words, but only if it is a good one. We know that in our hearts, and act on it.

Photo/Video Editing

When reality is not enough, magic takes over. It is amazing what can be accomplished with a few clicks.

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